A Spa Patina Skin Treatment is more than just a Facial. All of our Skin Treatments include aromatherapy, deep cleanse, chemical or enzymatic exfoliation, extractions, hand & arm massage, customized masque, neck & shoulder massage, plumping eye cream, and a customized toner, serum, & moisturizer. Skin Treatments scheduled before sunset will also include an antioxidant serum & sun protection.


The Signature Skin Treatment | 90 min | This is our recommended treatment. Your skin is deeply cleansed, analyzed, exfoliated, and treated with powerful ingredients that are entirely customized to meet your skin’s specific needs. Includes a Glowing Goddess facial & scalp massage and thorough extractions | 119

The Oxygenating Treatment | 90 min | Highly active clinical-grade ingredients plump cells with vital nutrients, strengthen capillaries, restore circulation, and support skin metabolism. Oxygen drives ingredients deep into the lower layers of the skin while reducing redness and inflammation. Includes microdermabrasion. | revitalizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, oxygenating | 219

The Essential Skin Treatment | 60 min | Includes all of the essentials of the Signature Skin Treatment, minus the scalp & facial massage, at a lower price point & a shorter time frame | cleansing, brightening, invigorating, nourishing | 79

The Glowing Goddess Treatment | High concentrations of Vitamin C and phytochemicals even skin tone & breathe new life into dull complexions. raspberry, peach, goji berry, and citrus repair tissues, stimulate circulation, and increase collagen production. Face, neck, shoulder, hand, arm, and scalp massage leave you feeling like the Goddess you truly are! | brightening, revitalizing, hydrating, firming | 60 min 79 | 75 min 98 |

The Weekend Warrior Treatment | 75 min | Hydrators, enzymes, and detoxifiers balance and replenish the skin after a long weekend or night out. Scalp massage relieves post-party headaches and foot massage soothes over-worked soles | rejuvenating, nourishing, brightening, hydrating, relaxing | 98

Advanced Acne Treatment | 75 min | This comprehensive treatment utilizes intense acne fighting ingredients to eliminate acne and acne scars and includes a thorough consultation to assess the root cause of the disorder. | clarifying, healing, anti-inflammatory, nourishing | 160


Foot Massage | 5 mins | 7

Back Massage | 30 mins | 45

Level 1 Chemical Peel | 10 mins | 49

Microdermabrasion | 20 mins | 59

Oxygen | 10 mins | 39

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